Sunday Strolls and the South’s Best Shopping

Charleston is a Southern city known for its charm, culinary scene and, of course, exceptional shopping.

King Street, named one of the 10 Best Shopping Streets in the United States, is one of Charleston’s biggest draws. Once a month, the memorable half-mile stretch between Calhoun and Queen Street is opened up for a pedestrian-only party known as 2nd Sunday on King Street. From 1 to 5 pm., roam the famous road’s array of retail shops and restaurants. Satisfy your sweet tooth at King Street Cookies where you’ll find creative combinations such as Double Chocolate Orange Crush, Cranberry Pecan, and Black Cherry Lemonade. Hunt for ancient treasures at Jacques Antiques, thoughtfully curated by Jacques himself. Cap off your walk with charcuterie and more than 200 wine choices at Bin 152. But take your time as you walk to fully appreciate the unplugged musicians, special art exhibits and unparalleled local shops along the way!