Charleston Joggling Boards

Charleston joggling boards are a lowcountry tradition. According to the legend, if you had a joggling board on your front porch you would never have an unwed daughter. Young couples would sit on the bench and “joggle.” A joggle is created from the rockers cut into the stands and the large span between each rocker. The male would sit on one side of the bench, while the female sat on the other. Each would “joggle” guiding themselves to the middle. Once reaching the center, they would engage in an intimate moment or simply enjoy easy conversation. Couple sitting on Charleston joggling boards In the spirit of Valentine's Day and love blooming this spring, we're encouraging our guests to post photos of charleston joggling boards throughout the city. The details are simple:

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  Every photo that is entered will be in the running to win a Charleston-themed gift box! Charleston joggling boards are not just for lovebirds, so, of course, we're interested in seeing pics of friends, family, or significant others. At the Kings Courtyard Inn, we have charleston joggling boards in our Tabby Courtyard and in the entrance walkway leading to the Pineapple Courtyard. Guests are encouraged to post photos of the joggling boards at the Kings Courtyard Inn or other joggling boards around Charleston using #KCIjogglingboard. Some of our favorite places to spot a joggling board when exploring historic sites around town are the Nathaniel Russel House, the Edmonston-Alston House, and Cougar Mall at the College of Charleston. If you're one of the many diners waiting on a table at Husk Restaurant and Poogans Porch Restaurant, you can entertain your party with a little joggle while you wait. This contest will go on until May 31, 2017. The winner with the best joggling board photo will win the prize! We look forward to watching our guests joggle through spring!